Let It Go Alternative Country

Released August 31, 2014

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Sound Recording

Ryan Lucas ("RyanLucas")
San Francisco Bay Area California USA
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Vocals & Lyrics
Miami FL USA
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Smokey Fennell ("smokinsteel")
Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Guitar-Pedal/Lap Steel
J P ("Jaype")
Berkshire United Kingdom
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Jimmy Stahlman ("JimmyS")
Quincy California USA
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Lead Guitar
Steve Sweet ("StevenSweet")
Bradley California USA
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Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Organ, Strings & Mixing

Let It Go
Lyrics by Ryan Lucas

Let it go
Bite your lip until it bleeds
Even though you?re lost
Let her find the one she needs

I know it?s hard
To always keep her at arm?s length
But you must sacrifice
Your own feelings for her sake

Break a smile
Keep her thinking you?re okay
Act like nothing?s wrong
Never show what you can?t say

Try not to dwell
On how you hoped to slip away
Before cold reason said
You would lose her either way

This time you'll truly make a difference
And be a loyal friend
Reining in your selfishness
Up until the bitter end

This time alone you'll guard your secret
And finally lose yourself
Fighting off your greatest weakness
Without a soul to tell

She's your tragedy
That's haunting you softly
Like a memory
Cause you miss her already