I Feel It Too Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Released August 25, 2014

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Sound Recording

Ryan Lucas ("RyanLucas")
San Francisco Bay Area California USA
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Vocals & Lyrics
tofu treblesix ("tofu666")
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Bass, Drums, Guitar & Mixing

I Feel It Too
Lyrics by Ryan Lucas

Hey, think it over
What's the rush now
To say were through?

Hey, take it easy
Baby please I'm on my knees
You're driving me crazy
Because when you hurt yourself
I feel it too

Hey, you just have to trust me
You can try your sabotage
But why such a hurry?

Hey, listen, don't worry
If you give me half a chance
We'll write a new story
Because when you love yourself
I feel it too

I will never ever leave your side
Or wound your faith with selfish pride
Look into my eyes
Can you feel my soul shining?

If your ever gonna lose control
Now is the time to let it go
Look into my eyes
I can feel your soul shining