Maguadine Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Released September 1, 2014

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Sound Recording

Ryan Lucas ("RyanLucas")
San Francisco Bay Area California USA
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Vocals & Lyrics
tofu treblesix ("tofu666")
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Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard & Mixing

Lyrics by Ryan Lucas

Outside two fiends guard the Phantom Queen
As a master thief passes by unseen
Slowly he skulks towards her bower room
Till the air runs fowl like a rotting tomb
And then the banshee screams

Quick as a fox
He grabs one jeweled box
Dodging blows that a shadow swings
While climbing outside of an open window
As the wraith stretches out her wings
And still the banshee screams

Half way down
He jumps for the trees
To break his fall as she claws at his knees
One last chance to jimmy the locket
That guards her heart in the fold of his pocket
And so the banshee screams