My Way Back To You American Trad Rock

Released September 27, 2014

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Sound Recording

Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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Arrangement, Guitar, Keys, Mix/Master, Production
Miami FL USA
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Gareth Sherwood ("hiphophippy")
Cape Town Western Cape South Africa
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Nate F ("ChamberZ")
Illinois USA
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Vocals, Lyrics

My Way Back to You 


I know you had your reasons for leaving 

but I can't let it rest 

You didn't have any explanation 

just said it was for the best 


So these days go by, but I can't ever seem 

to get you out of my mind 

Still have you pictures and letters sent 

I recite them line by line, every night 


I try to call but you never pick up 

i'm sure you know it's me 

Making another attemp to reconcile 

what used to be 


But it's so hard to give up 

when my instincts tell me 

than you and I make sense, i'm reeling 

I know i've had my share of regrets 

but I never lost my feelings 

So what will it take for another chance 

It couldn't be more true 

I've got to make my way 

I've got to make my way back to you 


So you say you've found someone else 

and he treats you like a queen 

You've put our memories upon a shelf 

and you moved along it seems 


But a time will come when you recollect 

and you'll realize your mistake 

And i'm just hoping you realize soon 

don't know how much I can take