Uh-huh (feat. ecopunk & 1iveowl) Electronica

Released August 27, 2014

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Sound Recording

Jasper Bojsen ("Oneiveowl")
Copenhagen Denmark
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Drums, Guitar, Piano, Strings, Synths & Mixing
Ryan Lucas ("RyanLucas")
San Francisco Bay Area California USA
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Vocals, Lyrics & Synths
e cpnk ("ecopunk")
Brighton Sussex United Kingdom
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Guitar & Synths

Lyrics by Ryan Lucas

Do you need more time to be alone?
Silence is the burden
We now suffer on our own
Nod your head or make a simple groan
I see the lights are on
But is there anybody home?


How can I reach you
And do I want to?
It's hard to know the present
When we're focused on the past
Of course I need you
Think what we've been through
I know you need some space
If there's still hope for one last chance


All our lines are busy
Is all you have to say
Please hold on for an update now
Or try another day


Artwork by Exit Man