Enlargement Pill Blues-Rock

Released September 29, 2014

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Sound Recording

Ryan Lucas ("RyanLucas")
San Francisco Bay Area California USA
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Vocals & Lyrics
Rob Ciccone ("Coney")
Toronto Ontario Canada
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Rhythm Guitar
j B ("Phoephus")
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Lead Guitar
Ian Pellow ("Fretlessian1")
Fort William Highlands Scotland Ancient Kingdom Dalriada United Kingdom
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Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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Rickard Langnesund ("JohnRick")
Malmoe Sweden
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Stefan Segi ("Stardust01")
Prague Czech Republic
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Enlargement Pill
Lyrics by Ryan Lucas

I took a pill in the morning for a discrete rendezvous
Then another that evening just before my date fell through
You know I must have been dreaming cause she showed up out of the blue
At least I thought she was poking fun when she said how something felt new

Oh it's sad but true

Now all the fellas are jealous since I'm packing heat for two
And all their ladies they love me cause they've seen the tricks I can do
I just assumed she was satisfied as the bond between us grew
Yet her "Inbox" is still not full and I'm stuffing it into my shoe

It's sad but true
Oh if you only knew