Hard Road To Salvation Gospel

Released September 16, 2014

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Sound Recording

James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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Acoustic guitar, bass, vocal, composition, production.
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Pedro DF ("ColStier")
Granada Andalucía Spain
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Keyboards, Hammond and Chorus


by Joel Sattler 

and by His words then 
we shall know Him 
and for His blessing 
we shall seek 

because the earth shall 
we inherit 
if we are worthy 
and we are meek 

when we are hungry 
and are thirsty 
if we are righteous 
shall be fulfilled 

so walk the path of 
love and mercy 
and by words shall 
we do His Will 

for it's a hard road 
that we travel 
and if we can be 
pure of heart 

then we shall see Him 
at the ending 
as we have known Him 
from the start 

yes it's hard road 
a very hard road 
many miles till 
we reach the end 

so thank the God who 
in his wisdom 
sent us a Savior 
to be our friend 

yes it's a hard road 
to salvation 
to the heaven 
that we see 

but you were meant to 
from Creation 
to know the truth 
and the truth shall set you free