Sliver Adult Alternative

Released September 19, 2014

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Sound Recording

James Tanner ("LooknGlass")
Goshen Indiana USA
Other releases
Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")
Scotland United Kingdom
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Drums, Hammond B3.
Peter Zero ("Mr_Sinister")
Scotland United Kingdom
Other releases
Lead guitar fills.
Dimitris Palimeris ("Supersly")
Athens Attica Greece
Other releases
James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
Other releases
Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal, composition, production.



My suitcase is open, laying on the bed;
boxes of belongings stacked by the door.
Hangers of clothes are lopped over a chair;
unwanted pictures are strewn on the floor.

She's standing at the doorway watching me pack;
arms folded and leaning against the frame.
With red watery eyes and trembling lips,
she asked me to stop so she could explain.

I need a Sliver, just a sliver
of a reason I should stay
Sliver, give me a sliver
of a good answer today
I just need a sliver

Through the bus window, blurred buildings wiz past;
In my reflection I see sagging eyes.
My ear buds play music I can't really hear,
as I sift through the feelings dueling inside.

She had stood at the station watching me leave;
crying with prayer like hands to her mouth.
Had pleaded with me to please change my mind
But there was really nothing to think about

I just looked at her and said;
"I know you've been untrue"
She couldn't deny it
and she never tried to

Needed a sliver, just a sliver
of a reason I should stay
Sliver, yes a sliver
that she could give today

Just needed a sliver

L. James Tanner