Feels Good Soft Rock

Released September 22, 2014

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Sound Recording

Larry Kendrick ("KingLarry")
Williamson GA USA
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guitars, horns (key), bass
mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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lyrics, vocals
Miami FL USA
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Feel's Good

These are the moments that I crave

Just goofing around on a lazy Sunday

It feels good to have no plans been made

Lay back and let your mind unwind

Birds singing songs and the kids are playing

Soak in the sun as the summer winds down

This day may not make memories

But it's a damn good day, just take a look around!


This is the feeling that I get

Fooling around on a lazy Sunday

Back to the grindstone but not yet

You know how it feels to be taking a break

Something about good company

Family and friends in the neighborhood

We work to enjoy moments like these

Come catch a laugh cause it feels good!


These are the days we need

To be breaking the chains of monotony

Work through the week so the bills get paid

So you gotta be able to take a break...

Now the leaves are falling and the birds are calling

In a way that let's me know that

Winter's coming soon

These amber afternoons

They're better than....

Too good for wasting away