No Gravity Hard Rock

Released September 27, 2014

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Sound Recording

Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")
Los Angeles California USA
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Lyrics, Vocals
Peter Zero ("Mr_Sinister")
Scotland United Kingdom
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Lead Guitar, Mix
Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")
Lisbon Falls Maine USA
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Original Music, Rhythm Guitar
Harald Kay ("JackRelaxx")
Hannover Germany
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Dave Boyer ("pedulladave")
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Bass Guitar

No Gravity   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


This big old world keeps turning around

But I can?t seem to get my feet on the ground

Can?t get no traction, no gravity

Somebody better come and see about me

I can?t shake it, there?s just no way

That I?ll make it through another day

Feel the earth shaking beneath my feet

I just need a little gravity


Floating through the air

Drifting every where

You don?t seem to care

Which way I go

I want you right here next to me

A little loving might set me free


Need some gravity


Can?t get it together

Won?t make any plans

Have no footing to make a stand

I just don?t seem to be getting through

There?s just no way to reason with you


There?s no gravity

Nothing clear that I can see

Only space between you and me

And the other planets


Tell me, tell me

What can I do?

I need someone just like you

Need a place where we can land

Plant our feet in the tropic sands

We don?t really need gravity

To make a bond between you and me

Floating together we can both be free


All we need is a place to go

Where we can be alone and get to know

No Gravity

No Gravity