Twisted Metal

Released September 23, 2014

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Sound Recording

Phillip Ewing ("PhillipEwingGuitarist")
Johnson City New York USA
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Music, All guitars and bass, engineering
Andrea Spaziale ("AndreaSpace")
Casale Monferrato Alessandria Italy
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All drums
Kate Wilson ("KateWilson")
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Lyrics and vocal


Music by Phillip Ewing and Andrea Spaziale

Lyrics by Kate Wilson

The voices in my head

Are all that I have left

No one else is around

So you'd take control now


If only you were here

I know you'd dry my tears

As I realise

I'm all alone out here



You spin my world around

You turn my life upside down

Now we don't speak

Don't look at me!

All broken here



Phantom lover where did you go?

I want to choose you once more

But I just lay on the floor

Waiting behind these closed doors


Verse 2

The man I thought you were

Turned out a warped soul

The real beast is the world

As you just twist your hold


Down here in the cold 

This place once shared your warmth

All of that now is gone

They drove you out

Away from here



And I believed in everything you said

I know I'm leaving you here for dead 

The sweet melodies of promises

And now I bleed here

to stay away from vicious dreams


As I stare into the starry night

My true love 

So betrayed

I see the ashes in the wind

Should I try to live again?


Verse 3

The warmth of you heart

The beauty in your night

I want to keep you here

Stuck in love with me