Away From Home Hard Rock

Released October 3, 2014

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Sound Recording

Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")
Los Angeles California USA
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Lyrics, Vocals
Marcelo Boratto ("mboratto")
Florianopolis Santa Catarina Brazil
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Bass Guitar, Mixing & Mastering
Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")
Lisbon Falls Maine USA
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Original Music, Rhythm Guitar
Jean-Marc Lozach ("jmlozach")
Sucy en Brie Ile de France France
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Lead Guitar
Harald Kay ("JackRelaxx")
Hannover Germany
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Away From Home   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


I turn away from home

Forever I shall roam

Looking up at the night sky, I wonder why

All of my life has passed me by

Sweet desolation in my dark brown eyes

I turn away from home

I walk away from you


I turn away from home

Destined, to stand alone

The path that I take leads me astray

Never returning to that place I stayed

My love is the price I paid

I turn away, from home


My pain, can?t be taken away

My heart, is not to be played

My mind, driven insane

My home, ripe for the flame

I turn away from home

I turn away from home

Always to be alone

You took my soul yes indeed

You cut me deep, see how I bleed?

I?m a man in desperate need

I turn away from home

I turn away from home