Storm is coming Adult Contemporary

Released October 16, 2014

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Sound Recording

Erwan Grandais ("Airone")
Saint malo BZH France
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Drum , Bass , Piano , Synth
Kim Noble ("KimNobleMusic")
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Lyrics , Vocals

Storm is coming

Can you hear me calling out?
I need you near.
Dark clouds are gathering.
But it?s the wind I fear.
The bitter cold has now set in.
The rain has come.
What once was clear and bright.
Is now a storm.
Crashing tidal waves.
Deafening is their roar
Our tiny ship is in danger
Of never reaching shore.

Help me!
Help us!
The storm is here.
And we are as lost as could be.
Once, we were sailing peacefully
Now we?re in danger of being
Shipwrecked in this loveless sea.

I barely recall what it was like
When you and I were without cares.
The heart of this turbulent storm
Is we might be shipwrecked and broken beyond all repairs.

2014 Copyright Kim Noble