Cross Rhodes Adult Alternative

Released October 17, 2014

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Sound Recording

Harold Ginn ("CreateR")
Hammond Indiana USA
Other releases
Rhodes Piano,Bass
Miami FL USA
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Drums, Percussion
Joey six ("liljoe6string")
oklahoma city ok USA
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Lead Guitar
NE MONTY ("nemonty")
Shangri La USA
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Saxophone Solo
Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Mixing, Mastering, Editing
Nicola Offidani ("NicolaOffidani")
Massignano AP Italy
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Acoustic , Rythym Guitar
Artist's Notes

An excellent collaboration that shows off the strengths of the KOMPOZ system.

Listener Comments:" Woah, was not expecting this to be what I heard. This is amazing. Love the rhodes, love the guitars, love the vibe this gives off. It couldn't of relaxed me anymore than it just did. I was listening to this on my laptop with headphones on, in a room full of people. Liked it so much, that I unplugged the phones so they could all give this a listen as well. Bravo."


"All of you have mad skills, and I really enjoyed this track. By the way, the addition of a real drummer really provided the glue for this one.
Outstanding effort by all involved, and a wonderful way to spend my morning. Thanks for these few moments of bliss."