Doom Rift Metal

Released October 18, 2014

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Sound Recording

Michael Wolf ("LoneWolf")
Atlanta GA USA
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Composition, Arrangement, Guitars, Bass, Drum Track, Lyrics
Tracy Hutchison ("xvpusw")
Illinois USA
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CJ Krecsy ("Dabbler16")
Greater Vancouver BC Canada
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Artist's Notes

An unwitting soul, having been a victim of a heinous crime, accidentally summons a demon through projection of sheer pain and anguish.  The soul strikes a bargain, with an unimaginable price.




beast:  I have come.  You called for me.

person [frightened]:  No.  No, I didn?t.

beast:  Yes, you did.  You have always called for me.  Ever since that day when -

person [frightened and angry]:  Stop!  Don?t make me remember.  I don?t want to remember.

beast:  And yet, you cannot forget.  Your pain and anger draw me here.  What would you do?

person [still frightened, but curious]:  What do you mean, what would I do?

beast:  What would you do?

person [angry]:  I?d rip out their hearts and see them burn in hell!

beast [pauses]:  There is a price.

person [pauses - sad - almost whispers]:  I would gladly pay it.  How could it be any worse?

beast [sinister laugh]

[wolves howling]

beast:  It is done.  Your doom has been granted.

person [uncertain]:  It?s no less than they deserve.

beast:  Perhaps.  But now, you must pay your price.

person [sad]:  Haven?t I payed enough?

beast: Perhaps.  But you made your choice.

person [resigned, whispers]: What must I do?

beast:  You must watch them scream and burn, for all eternity! [malicious laugh]

person [fading scream]