Rewind Grunge

Released October 20, 2014


Sound Recording

minime c ("minime")
Dingenskirchen Absurdistan Germany
Other releases
Electric Guitar , Electric Bass , Drums , Mixing
Mike - ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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Vocals ,Lyrics
Artist's Notes

With Mike - All Vocals & Lyrics 

With Mini - Music - Mixing

Cover Art - By Mini 



Night comes now

and the shadows are drawing a crowd

So come inside, you can rewind

Peace and Love,

those are the cornerstones

of this place, you'll find

So come inside



Go! Make a move when you're ready

We're gonna find a way to the top today

So get ready!

Go! You can do what you want to

See, the story goes through the steps you chose

So get ready



Please relax... You can unwind without fear of attack

It's different here...

It's different here


This is how it goes around here

This is how the lost get found

Moving forward every year

The silent begin to sound

I can take a few steps back

It doesn't change the history

Rewind and play again? 

Now keep it coming cause this isn't the end!



Don't be shocked

because the windows are barred

The doors are all locked

It's for your safety

Put your fear aside and trust in me

There's no need to fear

because we made sure it's safe in here


So nevermind what lies outside