A New Masquerade American Trad Rock

Released November 10, 2014

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Sound Recording

Markus Leberecht ("Klangsport")
Munich Germany
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Engineering-Mixing, Arrangement, Synth, Acoustic & Lead Guitar
Mark Van Der Linden ("rockindrummer68")
Taylorville IL USA
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Lyrics, Original Composition and Arrangement: http://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/93117
Jean-Marc Tessier ("Sterling")
Gatineau Quebec Canada
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Lead Guitar & Bass Guitar
Charl Coetzee ("MonsterKabouter")
South Africa
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Blues Guitar
Michael Wolf ("LoneWolf")
Atlanta GA USA
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Rhythm Guitar
Kate Wilson ("KateWilson")
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Ben Holmes ("benhlms")
Thatcham Berkshire United Kingdom
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Acoustic Drums and Mastering
Artist's Notes

It hurts being here without you in your Masquerade!  Spun by Klangsport, licensed as (c) All Rights Reserved


Original lyrics to Masquerade




Mark A Van Der Linden

Here I am

So lonely, without you

And it hurts

It hurts being here

Without you in my arms

To take it all the way down

Down into the ground

Where we can burry it

The pain

The regret

And all of this mess

That we created in our lust for all of it

Can we start again

Now that we've made amends

And go beyond the starsOr travel safe to mars

 See the deep blue sea

 Babe it's you and me 

 I love you

 I love you

 There's nothing but you!