Hot to Trot Classic Rock

Released November 14, 2014

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Sound Recording

Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")
Los Angeles California USA
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Lyrics, Vocals
Joey six ("liljoe6string")
oklahoma city ok USA
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Lead Guitar
Marcelo Boratto ("mboratto")
Florianopolis Santa Catarina Brazil
Other releases
Bass Guitar
Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")
Lisbon Falls Maine USA
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Original Music Rhythm Guitar, Program Drums, Mix, Master

Hot to Trot

Baby, baby when you touch that spot

Always makes me hot to trot

You give a little, I want a lot

Feed me all of what you've got

It's real good, so damn fine

Can't seem to get you out of my mind

When I see you walk that way

My tongue gets tied; I don't know what to say

Baby, baby, you're hot to trot

I really love that sticky spot

When you hide it, I can't wait to see

I think it's time for you to give it to me


Little girl you look so fine

I'd like to make you mine all mine

I will be your lover; I will be your friend

When we get down the fun never ends


When we get started it's hard to hold back

I'm on the verge of a heart attack

Loving you is where it's at

Business in the front, party in the back

I can handle a little more

We can finish right here on the floor

I need to tell you, I love your way

Being with you is like a holiday


Baby, baby, you're hot to trot

Need a little, now you give a lot

I'm trying hard to be your man

You get me going like a rocking band

You're hot to trot