Down to the boneyard blues Electric Blues

Released December 10, 2014

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Sound Recording

David Garrido ("DavidGL")
Madrid Spain
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Slide guitar and mix
john rhodes ("kingofchords")
stockton on tees cleveland United Kingdom
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Arrangement of guitars
Peter harp ("Harpline")
United Kingdom
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Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Kamal Jackson ("KamalJ")
Randolph Massachusetts USA
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Andrew Boucher ("AndrewB")
Oil City PA USA
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Lyrics by Joel Sattler


I went down to the boneyard

to visit my best friend

down to the boneyard

to visit once again

and I sat on the stone

and tried to comprehend


why did you leave

why did you have to go

why did you have to leave

man I just don't know

you disappeared one day

and left me all alone


this is a hostile world

such an unfriendly place

such a hostile world

you see it in their face

but you have to suck it up

though it leaves a bitter taste


we used to sing and laugh

sitting round the fire

we used to laugh and sing

and speak of heart's desire

now I hear the church bells ring

the voices of the choir


I hope you're looking down

watching over me

in the place where lost is found

and you're forever free

I don't know how much longer

I can let it be I went


down to the boneyard

to talk to my best friend

down to the boneyard

to ask him once again

why is it all good things

come to an end?