The long Goodbye British Invasion

Released December 21, 2014

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Sound Recording

Olivier Demaine ("Ownowl")
Normandie France
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Piano, Guitar, Bass, mix
Miami FL USA
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Suzann Baldwin ("SUEBEE")
La Center WA USA
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Staffan Karlsson ("Staffan")
Gothenburg Sweden
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The Long Good-bye

With the imprint of my wristwatch
still deep in my skin
I sink into the bath tub
 and my brain lets you in.
 With the imprint of your laughter
 still inside my brain
 I reach to pull the plug out
 wishing I?d flow down the drain.

 Falling in love is too easy.
 The hard part is getting out,
 with memories for company
 but only the past to dream about.
 I even tried to talk to God
 but I ain?t no a scout,
 so I bargain with the devil 
 and all the tears that won?t come out. 

 Am I going to beat this thing
 Will I ever be free
 Will I spend my life regretting
 what I let you do to me. 
 I stand on the street corner
 forgetting where to go.
 The lights all blink green
 but my mind is moving slow.