Sheeps Of Fear Funk

Released February 8, 2015

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Sound Recording

JC Beziz ("DocDaFunk")
Geneva Geneva Switzerland
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Concept , Guitars
Sven-Martin Keil ("MDK")
Jacksonville NC USA
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mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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Sheep Vocals & Lyrics
Miami FL USA
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Chuck Mac ("ChuckMac")
Portland ME USA
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Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Wolf Vocals, Lyrics & Mixing
Jecks Bass ("Jecks")
Sanremo Imperia Italy
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Mark Steven ("markstevenmusic")
Waitakere Auckland New Zealand
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Sheeps of Fear:

We are the Sheeps of Fear You best behave when you come around here

Cause you will get wrecked if you come incorrect Got it?!?

Some say that we can be cloned.... So what?!

It multiplied our bad-ass genomes

So you will get wrecked if you come incorrect Got it?!?

Otherwise, you're welcome inside Shear bliss is what we provide

Awww damn! This isn't a pretty picture, is it man?

You've been exposed as a wolf sneaking round in sheep's clothes

We're bad to the bone!

We practice peace Until you try to fleece us!

Ok... Now it's on... You didn't have the sense to get gone

Cause we are the Sheeps of Fear!

Huff and puff someplace else, Cause you don't belong here


(Frank's Lyrics and vocal)

Come on you nervous sheep

Get up and get down

No one's gonna eat you Here at the wolf's den

You know the wolf's asleep

Get up and get down

Party in my bed-room Here at the wolf's den

Are those natural udders? Oh, you're sheared there too! Is it hot in here? Or is it just my sheep costume?


We'll come inside, but our home rules apply, so...

Don't try any of that funny business

We're more than just pretty delicious

Ewe know that we're grazing on grass all day Ruminating on kicking your ass, so behave!

Oh no... I knew you'd try to trick us

The chickens told me so

The joke is on you....

Cause farmer's got a gun and we invited him too!