Vice Grunge

Released February 15, 2015

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Sound Recording

Walter Paul Owen ("WalterPaulOwen")
Chicago Illinois USA
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Creator, Rhythm, Lead Guitar
Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")
Monroe LA USA
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Bryan Williamson ("BKWilliamson")
Frankfort KY USA
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Dean Howard ("zzeezz")
Chesapeake VA USA
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Bass Guitar
Artist's Notes

Blue Eye Grunge Ditty


I pull in the drive

house was bright 'n? warm

hopes were still alive

I waited for the storm

I am still aware

not all my dues are paid

your vacant stare

tells me turn an? go away



It must be love, it must be love

nothin? else could make me do

the things that I have done

It must be true, it must be true

no other vice is strong enough

to make me stay with you


Smoke risin? from the kitchen

bread is burned again

screamin? an? a bitchin?

our patience wearin? thin

never a dull moment

Excitement fills the air

I?m so overcome now

I?m pullin' out my hair


Chorus: =========

blue eyes are shinin?

through the pourin? rain

Her smile is captivating

draws me to the flame

We're meant for each other

like a mongoose and a snake

when we make love

the earth begins to shake