Rise and Fall (OffTheWall version) Alternative Country

Released April 14, 2015

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Sound Recording

Kim Noble ("KimNobleMusic")
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Lyrics, backing vocals.
James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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Guitars, vocal, percussion, composition, production.
Artist's Notes

My interpretation of beautiful lyrics from Miss Kim Noble.


Some dreams are careless

Some dreams are cautious

Either way they move us and carry us right along.

The past is merely the future motion

Of life we?re living; sifting through the right and wrong.

Touching here and there,  

We must all at one point ? face our fears.

Touching here and there,

These dreams are offerings and were made to help us

? Rise and Fall.  


Consider moments.

Consider lifetimes.

This life is a constant; changing breath.

A mark in time; A page in history.

Where legacies and character are kept.

Touching here and there,

Do we have the strength to say we?re not for sale.

Touching here and there,  

Our dreams prepare us for we must all ?

? Rise and Fall.  



2015 copyright Kim Noble