Red drips Cool

Released June 29, 2015

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Sound Recording

Burak BABACAN ("CoincidenceControlOffice")
Poland Bygdoszcz Poland
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Lyrics, arrangement, basic composition
Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")
Monroe LA USA
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Vocal melody
NE MONTY ("nemonty")
Shangri La USA
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Sax intro and background harmonies
Frederic Ericksen ("FredEricksen")
Detroit Mi USA
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Sax solo
Kim Noble ("KimNobleMusic")
Other releases
Background vocal harmonies



She wears my shirt

at her waist

She walks soft, silent

At her pace


She kisses my lips

with no haste

she lies about

how she loves loneliness


she's like a trail of light

in the pitch dark

she drinks her scotch




red drips, candle light,


hands tied, love bites

it's all right





I am not rich

But she doesn't ask much

I work at night

See her in the dark


Her breath,

feels like a touch

whispers dance

and she leaves

no mark


I gather she is sad

Talks about how she collapsed

In rush hour,

Inside a car