Calling All Hero's II Hard Rock

Released July 4, 2015

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Sound Recording

Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")
Lisbon Falls Maine USA
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Original Music, Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
Marcelo Boratto ("mboratto")
Florianopolis Santa Catarina Brazil
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Bass, Mix, Master
Josh Miller ("SirEdgeingtonBlue")
Crescent Springs KY. USA
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Lead Guitar
Harald Kay ("JackRelaxx")
Hannover Germany
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Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")
Los Angeles California USA
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Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals
Artist's Notes

this ones about the famous Spartan Stand!


Calling All Heroes ? The Battle of Thermopylae   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


In 480 BC, a day in history

King Leonidas, choose to make his stand

Betrayed by Ephaialtes the Prussian?s flanked the line

Time to make a stand, one last time

Three hundred Spartan warriors will stay behind

Giving time for the Navy, to turn the tide

I say one more time brothers, hold the line!


Calling all heroes

Calling all heroes

We fight today!


Shields up, hold steady

Brothers side by side, now we?re ready

Let?s show King Darius what it?s all about

Nobody messes with Sparta, let me here you shout!


Calling all heroes

Calling all heroes

Calling all heroes

Stand with me!


Now the time has come, all but few have fallen

The lined has been broken, the ground soaked in blood

Made the Persian?s pay for all the Spartans slayed

To fight another day, we give our lives


Calling all heroes

Calling all heroes

Calling all heroes