Old Hat Electric Blues

Released September 22, 2015

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Sound Recording

J K ("BBkhn")
Saint Paul Minnesota USA
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Rob Glass ("RGBass")
Vancouver BC Canada
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Gretsch Maple ("iphone9")
Perth WA Australia
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Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Harris Tobias ("tobiash")
charlottesville virginia USA
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David Garrido ("DavidGL")
Madrid Spain
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Lead Guitar
Artist's Notes

I want to thank Rob-Harris Dean-Frank & David for sharing their awesome talents.





Old Hat
copyright 2014 by Harris Tobias(Adaptation by BBkhn)

You know my baby's gone

he said he had to go
he said I was mean
and I was poor
Said he didn't want
To live with me no more-
he said a woman like me
Doesn't give a damn-
 Well I can't help being
The kind of woman I am


He put his old hat on
I saw him take it off the shelf

He put that old hat on
He said it makes him feel like himself
He said It makes me feel so cool
as he pulled it way down low
He put that old hat on
 and now he's  somewhere walking tall and slow

He said a woman like me

Only brings him pain
At least his old hat will
Keep him from the rain
You know I'm glad he's gone
Didn't like him anyhow-
 as he put that old hat on
Low across the brow
Walked out that door
I didn't see him anymore