There's Hope Classic Rock

Released August 16, 2015

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Sound Recording

J K ("BBkhn")
Saint Paul Minnesota USA
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Music arrangement-Lead Vocal-Lyrics
Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")
Scotland United Kingdom
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Andrew Boucher ("AndrewB")
Oil City PA USA
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David Garrido ("DavidGL")
Madrid Spain
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Lead Guitar
Sela Performs ("selaperforms")
Uster Zürich Switzerland
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Back up Vocals
Artist's Notes

I want to thank - Frank- Ralph-Sela- David-Nigel & Andrew for sharing your awesome talent. 




There's Hope(BBkhn 2015)


Fought for this love at the beginning. Yeah-I was losing when I thought I was winning.

You broke my stride and everything inside -

I need to forgive myself so I can move ahead. I'm a little tired- a little weak, but baby I'm not dead.

Change sparks my curiosity, a mistake that made a better person out of me.


Oh-There's hope- for me yet- I'll find a new love-better than you love - you bet.

 I'm not gonna let your love get the best of me- for a new love sure does sound so encouraging.

There's hope- yes there's hope for me yet- a new love and a true love-I won't regret

 I know in time this old heart will mend. -you know good luck does happen every now and then-and I'm feeling lucky-Oh so lucky

2:13-2:32 Open



I bet you think I'll be a restless soul. Well I found peace of mind when I let you go-now I can get what I really want. Like the love and affection that I never got. (C)