Come e facile Soft Rock

Released October 6, 2015

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Sound Recording

Osama Qureshi ("NooliSaAaM")
Karachi Sindh Pakistan
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Music Production.
Nicola Offidani ("NicolaOffidani")
Massignano AP Italy
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Lead Vocals/Lyrics.
Kim Noble ("KimNobleMusic")
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Backing Vocals.
Nicolas Lexe ("KR00M")
BS AS Argentina
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Come facile by Nicola Offidani

Come facile sentirsi in cima al mondo

come facile Quando ci sei tu.

Come facile Sentirsi come il vento

Come facile se vedo il tuo volto.

Come facile cadere in un secondo

come facile Quando sei lontana da me...


How it is easy feel on top of the world

How it is easy When you're there.

How it is easy Feeling like the wind

How it is easy if I see your face.

How it is easy fall in a second

how it is easy When you're far away from me.