the Anthem Hard Rock

Released October 6, 2015

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Sound Recording

CJ Krecsy ("Dabbler16")
Greater Vancouver BC Canada
Other releases
Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Drums, Synths, composition,mixing
Don Tony ("GELECTRIC")
Orlando Fl USA
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Bass guitar, backing vocals
Josh Miller ("SirEdgeingtonBlue")
Crescent Springs KY. USA
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honorable mention-lead guitar
Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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Lead guitar
Artist's Notes

A Hard Rock Anthem. Written to support the Boston Bruins Hockey club.


We want the Cup!

We wanna be the Champs!

We're screaming out our song

and cranking up the amps!

we're standing at our seats

and joining in the chants


Delivering big hits

and tic tac toe passes

we're scorin highlight reel goals

we're really kickin asses

we might even drop our gloves and fight

cuz the Stanley Cup is in sight

We'll take it to em hard

Cuz it's Bruins Hockey tonight!


Go Bruins Go!