Lost Soul Blues Electric Blues

Released November 23, 2015

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Sound Recording

Brian M ("bcm0509")
Franklin TN USA
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Guitar, Bass, Songwriting
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Hollie Olson ("hollieolson")
Vancouver WA USA
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Vocals, Organ
Richard Bell ("Alviesinger")
Inverness Scotland United Kingdom
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Drums, Percussion
Artist's Notes

Psychedelic Blues for your listening pleasure


LOST SOUL BLUES song lyrics 2nd version 
by Joel Sattler 

the crocodile people 
are walking across my grave 
I feel a shudder 
from my spine down to my knees 
the apocalypse 
is burning inside my brain 
inside my skull 
is buzzing ten thousand bees 

the blood in my temples 
must be as black as the night 
the gut in my stomach 
is turning into a fire 
my head is aching 
everything's turning white 
my loins are searing 
with overwhelming desire 

is this the purgatory 
that I've heard tell about 
is this the place 
in between heaven and hell 
all that I know 
is bad I have no doubt 
if I had any soul left 
to the Devil I would sell 

maybe tomorrow 
my head somehow will clear 
maybe tomorrow 
I'll make peace with my heart 
maybe tomorrow 
my fear will disappear 
maybe tomorrow 
life won't be torn apart 

I just don't think 
I can take one more day 
tell me is there still is a God 
if it's impossible to pray....