I Hear the Bells Christmas

Released December 23, 2015

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Sound Recording

Richard Young ("Ryng12345")
Northridge California USA
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Produced and Written by Richard Young
Kate Wilson ("KateWilson")
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Vocals by Kate Wilson
Marcelo SZ ("marcelosz")
Brasilia Brazil
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Produced, Mastered and Instruments by Marcelo Souza
Artist's Notes

An original Christmas song sung by Kate Wilson.  Music performed and mastered by Marcelo Souza.  And written by Richard Young.


I Hear the Bells



(verse 1)

This is my life

This is my home

This is everything that I've come to know

This is my town

These are my friends

They're everything



I hear the bells

I hear the bells

I hear them calling out Merry Christmas everyone

I hear the bells

I hear the bells

It's all around


(verse 2)

This is my heart

This is my hand

This I'm giving the little that I can

These are my hopes

These are my dreams

They're all I need


(repeat chorus)