Four Young Lads From Liverpool Adult Contemporary

Released January 18, 2016

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Sound Recording

Terry Campbell ("OregonGuy")
Oregon City Oregon USA
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This song was written, and inspired, by my big brother, Tom Campbell.
George Schiessl ("GeorgeSC")
Myrtle Beach SC USA
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George's bass give this song a drive.
Kurt McNaught ("Kurt")
Pittsburgh PA USA
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Kurt's drums give this song a pulse.
Artist's Notes

This is a tribute to the fab four.


Four Young Lads From Liverpool


Many years ago, in a seaport town in England

Four young lads created a great rock and roll band


There was magic in the way they sang their songs

And their records went and hit the top of the charts before too long


I remember the first time I heard their records play

I wanna hold your hand and she loves you, ya, ya, ya,


The way they wore their hair was so cool and they called themselves the Beatles

Four young lads from Liverpool




Four Young Lads from Liverpool

The best rock and roll band in the world


With concerts, TV shows, and lots of screaming girls

They had millions of fans all over the world


Well, if I'm still alive at the age of 95

I'll be grovin to their music everyday


I've heard a lot of bands since the Beatles first began

but there'll never be another band that will even come close to them


(Chorus) ? (Chorus) Out