Blind Dream Lounge

Released May 2, 2016

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Sound Recording

Jeff Cozine ("jubal")
Port Richey Florida USA
Other releases
songwriter, guitar, vocal
Michel Pilotte ("PilotProject")
Montreal Quebec Canada
Other releases
Alex Zulaika ("alyo")
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
Other releases
drums, percussion
Tim Hargreaves ("TimHargreaves")
Cheshire United Kingdom
Other releases
lead guitar
Andre Szachnowski ("stevepin")
Vlissingen zeeland Netherlands
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strings, master mix

Blind Dream

I had a dream about you and me

in the dead of the night

your eyes sparkled as you smiled

your summer dress was white

children playing off in the distance

I could hear them laugh

you were smiling you were laughing

as we walked down a path



All of this I saw in a blind dream

fast asleep next to you

eyes were closed, darkened room

in a blind dream


Your hair was floating gently in the breeze

as we walked along

sun was shining through a lite rain

you were humming a song

funny, the things you see in a dark room

with your eyes closed

funny, the things a mind can see

how it works, no one knows