Burned and Blackened Blues-Rock

Released July 15, 2016

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Sound Recording

Mark Watson ("ThirdFloor")
Cornwall United Kingdom
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Guitars, Bass
James Tanner ("LooknGlass")
Goshen Indiana USA
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maurizio marini ("ESTJdrummer")
Pomezia Rome Italy
Other releases
Drums, Percussion
Hollie Olson ("hollieolson")
Vancouver WA USA
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Vocals, Backing Vocals, Hammond Organ

Don't expect no future
That leads us past tonight
Our future is making love
That ends in the morning light

No use trying to win me
Cause I won't Settle down
The last man I let win me
Tossed me in the lost and found

Ive been burned and blackened
My hearts the shade of coal
I don't need no fiery love
Its already took its toll
Yea I ve been burned and blackened
and life is a darker hue
Love is a pile of ashes
You won't find no residue

You all say the same thing
Pitch me the same cliche
Say you can change me mind
That you wouldn't be that way

Save you breath for loving
your wasting precious air
You're going to ruin a good time
If you start going there


Copyright L James Tanner 2016