A Good Night To Fight Hair Metal

Released May 9, 2016

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Sound Recording

Mark Van Der Linden ("rockindrummer68")
Taylorville IL USA
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Creator/Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar
Rab M ("dogbizkits")
United Kingdom
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Mixing/Mastering/Some Production
Andrew Boucher ("AndrewB")
Oil City PA USA
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Jesse Evans ("jessethejoker")
Hubbertville AL USA
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Lyrics/Bass Guitar/Vocals
Artist's Notes

Creative Brief



It's A Good Night To Fight and A Good Night For Fighting!


Additional Information

Genre Hair Metal Key Unknown BPM 120.0 Hair Metal Rock

Collaboration started January 21, 2016 by rockindrummer68


This collaboration is governed by a (c) All Rights Reserved license. Any contributions to the project are subject to the same. 
Effective on Jan 21, 2016


A Good Night To Fight   

by:    Jesse Evans


Well the night is young and I just gotta say

It?s a nice night for fighting, hey 

You can keep your high society 

Cause I?m sick and tired of living quietly   



It?s a good night for fightin?! --x4   


I dont mind the cuts or the blood 

Or coming home covered in sweat and mud 

After I get off of work each day 

It?s a good night for fighting, hey   


Come on anyone who wants a piece of me 

There?s enough to go around and you?re gonna see 

I got a glass in my fist and I ain?t takin names 

And I?m sick and tired of everyone?s polite little games   


It?s a good night for fightin?! --x4   


So if you -think- you?re tough 

And if you?ve -had- enough 

whether you -win- or lose 

You?re gonna -feel- every cut and bruise     


It?s a good night for fightin?! --x4