Fin (Never End) New Acoustic

Released May 27, 2016

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Sound Recording

Mark Zohlun ("tiempo2112")
Hermosillo Sonora Mexico
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Ukelele, acoustic guitar, all percussions, xylophone
Sela Performs ("selaperforms")
Melbourne Victoria Australia
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voice and melody
Artist's Notes



this song was made with toy percussions , acoustic guitar and ukulele I was thinking of a short name, but definite ( FIN) Then I had to look for something positive issue that is not always positive as a final .. then comes SELA !! with a voice that could not be better for this song, and she gave meaning to the song ( FIN) ( NEVER END). thinking of a unique moment that I wish would never end ;)


   Fin (never end)


Music by Mark Zohlun

Lyrics n melody by Sela Hauser


I wish this moment

would never end

Sun shining on and on

Popsicle rain like

gumdrops fallin from the sky


The sun's warmth on your skin

The twinkle in your eyes

Sounds of the shore crashing on to the sand

I wish this moment oh how..

I wish this moment would never end