To Build A Church New Acoustic

Released June 4, 2016

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Sound Recording

James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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Guitars, vocal, composition, production.
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")
Scotland United Kingdom
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Wayne Trznadel ("wtrznadel")
Chicago IL USA
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Bass, bouzouki, ukulele, backing vocals.

TO BUILD A CHURCH song lyrics   by Joel Sattler 

[written on the California Zephyr train 

while riding through the farmland of Western Illinois 
on January 6, 2016] 

when my great great great great grandfather 
came to Illinois 
he was just apprentice carpenter 
with a wife and two small boys 

a wagon full of lumber 
and his tools a mule and cart 
with nothing but his faith and trust 
a pure and giving heart 

the folks in Adams Township 
had a need for such a man 
and great great great great grandpappy 
had a master plan 

to find himself a piece of land 
he knew just where to search 
to make a life for kith and kin 
and build himself a church 

to build a church 
a little wooden church 
where all could pray each Sunday 
he came to build a church 

he said he wernt a holy man 
or special any way 
a humble and god-fearing man 
just the same as they 

his neighbors helped to raise the walls 
and laid a roof of tile 
and all the righteous all around 
would come for many a mile 

to sing the hymns and listen to 
the travelling padre preach 
and a long line of old schoolmarms 
the Sunday School to teach 

to build a church 
a simple single church 
where all could pray on any day 
he came to build a church 

a church is more than just a house 
to find peace in the Lord 
a church is refuge from all hate 
to put aside the sword 

for many members lived and died 
and yet the church has grown 
but in the heart of the mighty chapel 
the little church lives on 

to build a church 
we built a church 
the dead and quick 
with every stick and brick 
each of us build a church 

each of us are here 
are here to build a church