By The Ocean Indie Rock

Released April 5, 2019

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eric spiering ("wannaBbass")
Vancouver Wa USA
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I composed the song, and helped Deb with the lyrics
Deborah Wade ("DebLyrics")
Houston Texas USA
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Deb wrote the lyrics for me.

Sound Recording

Miami FL USA
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Gave us some cool drum tracks.
eric spiering ("wannaBbass")
Vancouver Wa USA
Other releases
I played the bass and did vocals.
Gabro Jazz ("gabrojazz")
Venezia Venice veneto Italy
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Provided a great keyboard track.
Joe Monico ("promusicmedia")
Hanover Pennsylvania USA
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Provided the comping guitar and cool lead licks.
Artist's Notes

Thanks to everyone that participated.  And to MikeL and dogbizkits for providing some awesome reference tracks for mixing and mastering. 


By the Ocean
DebLyrics and wannaBbass

phrase 1    Walking on the ocean sands
        You and I go hand in hand
        Watching seagulls in the sky
        Winter's now completely gone
        tourists lying in the sun
        As the waves keep rolling by

phrase 2    In the crowd of people here   
        Lunch for two out on the pier
        having drinks and apple pie
        Signs of summer everywhere   
        Smell of sea salt in the air
        Happy you're here by my side

        Ferris wheel goes round and round
        Sound of music all around
        People gather every where
        Stand in line to pay their fare

        Children's laughter, bumper cars
        Amusement park under the stars
        By the ocean with you

        Looking out across the bay
        Now it's gone, another day
        Watch the sunset on the waves

        Here with you in starlight glow
        Watch your hair as the wind blows
        And the sparkles in your eyes.

Chorus x2:

        I want to
        Be with you
        I wanna be
        Be with you
        by the ocean with you