This Lonely Outlaw Outlaw Country

Released February 4, 2019

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James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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Composition, all music and production.
Tracy Hutchison ("xvpusw")
Illinois USA
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Sound Recording

James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
Other releases
All instruments, vocal, production.
Tracy Hutchison ("xvpusw")
Illinois USA
Other releases
Artist's Notes

I've always been a sucker for story songs.

This one is a bit of an epic at slightly more than 10 minutes.

I hope it's worth the listen ....... certainly good value!


This Lonely Outlaw

Tracy Hutchison


He sat withered and tired

By his lonely campfire

Reflecting then upon his outlaw life

Never had a home

Or kids of his own

Never had a pretty loving wife


He was lean and tall

This lonely outlaw

Lots of bodies lay cold (up)on his trail

If he could do it again

He thought with a grin

It would be a different sort of tale


He was raised by bad men

Full of whiskey and sin

They found him near a burned out wagon train

He was going on five

And just barely alive

Seems that all the rest of them were slain



They taught him to shoot

Up in the Robbers? Roost

To gamble, fight, ride, and to steal

They taught him to sin

With those shady women

And they taught him how to do a bottom deal


When it came to gun fightin?

He was faster than lightenin?

There was no one that he couldn?t outdraw

When he was ready it was time

To join the Redrock Nine

And start a life of challenging the law


He started plannin? their jobs

They started beatin? the odds

And they got away each and every time

Coaches banks and trains

Provided their ill-gotten gains

And they blew every ever lovin? dime


He met Emily Frank

While he was scoutin? a bank

And the young man found himself in love

She wanted a quiet life

She wanted to be his wife

An arrangement that he felt unworthy of


But he wanted to try

Because the look in her eye

Made him feel hot, alive, needed, drunk and raw

But her Daddy stepped in

Said, ?you ain?t livin in sin

With some no account thievin? outlaw?


He tried hard to go straight

But it was far too late

He?d done too much against the law

Her Daddy said, ?you?re done!?

And he drew out his gun

That?s when he shot poor Emily?s Pa


With a heart full of pain

He went back to his gang

Back to riding down that outlaw trail

And he adapted a creed

Common to his breed

Better to die young than ever go to jail


And the years flashed by

Like the sparkle in his eye

As the life took its toll on his gang

Each one of them died

Under fire with pride

At least he didn?t have to see them hang


Now here he is alone

Without a friend or a home

His thoughts drift back to sweet Emily

She was still on his mind

After all of this time

He prayed she lived life pleasantly


He rests on the stones

That draw the warmth from his bones

Cold without a home without his friends

He then thinks with a smile

And a twinkle in his eye

He will go see his Emily again


He will see sweet Emily again