Charlie Toma - Soliloquium Indie Rock

Released December 8, 2019

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Charlie Toma ("CharlieToma")
Kyiv Kyiv Ukraine
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Lyrics, piano, vocals
Michael Lorber ("mflo")
Tasmania Australia
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Guitar, bass

Sound Recording

Charlie Toma ("CharlieToma")
Kyiv Kyiv Ukraine
Other releases
Artist's Notes

Atmospheric song about life, inspired by Radiohead "Daydreaming".


Everyone loses home in the end
Don?t be late to start living your life
There?s no break, there?s no rewind
So little time, so many goodbyes

Don?t dwell on your irretrievable past,
This time there might be no next time.
Words are coming out of your mouth
No one hears, no one is listening
No questions ? no answers
Silence leads nowhere