Another Roadside Attraction Americana

Released February 11, 2020

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Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")
Gowen MI USA
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Words and Music

Sound Recording

Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")
Gowen MI USA
Other releases
Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Mixing, Mastering
James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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Bass, Banjo, Dobro
Alex Zulaika ("alyo")
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
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Drums and Percussion
Miguel Bella ("MikiBella")
Cabrils Barcelona Catalonia Spain
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Kris Pride ("KrisPride")
Bay City MI USA
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Backing Vocals
Artist's Notes

Wrote this song based on sights I saw on Route 66 during a two month truck camping trip during the fall of 2019.

There were a lot of abandoned motels along the route as well as many Roadside Attractions.

The road seems to follow the contour of the landscape.   It is not all leveled like today's highways.


Another Roadside Attraction 

By Brent Godfrey   ©   2020             


Verse 1

The Route faded into obscurity when the interstate arrived

Ghosts haunt the abandoned motels with their vacancy signs

Empty rooms have become a canvas.  Bright graffiti and broken glass

On this crumbling stretch of highway you can feel the landscape pass


Chorus 1

Another roadside attraction is coming up I am told

There are Cadillacs planted like corn right along the road

If you stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona and take a look around

Curio shops selling American dreams made in China abound

Vintage cars playing rock n roll cruise up and down the strip

Heading East to West across the land you can still get some kicks.


Verse 2

What?s happened to small town America bypassed by the Interstate

Rushing so fast to go nowhere.  Afraid of being late.

There?re bright spots among the wreckage Soda fountains and neon signs

Nostalgia brings back fond memories.  Changing landscapes changing times


Chorus 2

Another roadside attraction is coming up right ahead

The Elvis room of the rail haven motel has a Cadillac for a bed

If you?re hungry take the 72 oz cut challenge at Big Texas Steak Ranch

Or head to Amarillo?s 6th street district if you like to dance

The painted desert and the petrified forest?s scenery astounds

There?s always another roadside attraction coming up at the next town


Instrumental Verse


Chorus 1   repeat ending West to East