A Song About Love Alternative Country

Released February 15, 2020

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Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")
Gowen MI USA
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Words and Music

Sound Recording

Willie Favero ("p-bass-player")
Houston Area Texas USA
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Electric Bass
Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")
Gowen MI USA
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Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mixing and Mastering
Brian Henry ("ATLdrums")
Milton Georgia USA
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Drums and Percussion
Miguel Bella ("MikiBella")
Cabrils Barcelona Catalonia Spain
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Kris Pride ("KrisPride")
Bay City MI USA
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Backing Vocals
Brent Barnard ("Brent")
Huntsville TX USA
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Electric Guitar

A Song About Love  

By Brent Godfrey   ©   2019    


I could spend all my money on therapy or Drink all day long

But I think I?d rather write a simple country song

One that lifts me from my sorrows One that takes away my pain

One that drives the demons from my mind

And keeps me from going insane 


A song about love

A song about joy

A song about a girl and a boy

A song about me

A song about you

And all the crazy things that we do

(And the crazy things we say and do) - 2nd time


A song about life

A song about faith

A song about all the time that we waste

Hiding from truth

Living with hate

Instead of changing things before it?s too late