Collaboration Spotlight

William, featuring dazzos

  Nate's heart wrenching lyrics and vocals were a revelation, then Raul, Brad & Derek's contributions just lifted it to another level. - dazzos

Jealous Fools, featuring NickyH94

  Kompoz has undoubtedly taken my music to the next level. The talent on the site is unbelievable with musicians from around the globe able to take the ideas I have in my head and bring them to life. Kompoz has reignited my passion for not only making music but also sharing songs with people across continents - NickyH94

Bittersweet, featuring friedpo

  Thanks all the Kompoz members who helped make this song come to life - friedpo

The Vendetta, featuring fresh727

  Kompoz offers you an amazing opportunity to connect AND share chemistry with musicians from all four corners of the globe...and, frankly, I'm a better musician for it - fresh727

Let It Go, featuring RyanLucas

  The talent on Kompoz blows my mind. - RyanLucas

Uncle Tom's Cabin, featuring rockindrummer68

  When it was all finished, I really had to stand back in amazement at how a song on Kompoz can go from a simple acoustic guitar track to a complete, professionally produced song. I think the overall magic that exists within Kompoz is just that. - rockindrummer68

What If, Goodbye, featuring PlaceholderID

  RAVEN took a simple song and the turned it into something special, all I did was play a guitar very poorly- and without the existence of kompoz, I wouldn't have come across musicians that I've been able to enjoy creating music with - PlaceholderID

Steph Borel A Wise Woman, featuring stephborel

  It's an addiction. If I didn't have to eat, sleep or work, I'd be kompozing 24-7. I love Kompoz! - stephborel