Giacecco2 Gianfranco Cecconi

Woerden Utrecht   Netherlands
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I'm not Eno. You're not Bono. :-)

I'm a self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist, useless at performing live but decent at programming soft instruments and producing in Bitwig. I joined Kompoz mainly as a pretext to accelerate my learning focusing on the producer role, working with others and contributing to their learning, too.

If you're working with me, I'll be a fair but tough producer. Your artistic idea, as a singer or lyricist for example, is important, but the value of my contribution and the volume of work my side make me as instrumental as you to the success of the production.

I'm keen to invest in my tools, and I own licensed version of Bitwig, Komplete Ultimate, Arturia V Collection, iZotope Nectar, Neutron and Ozone, XLN XO and many others. I'm also the proud owner of the Elektron trio: Digitone, Digitakt and Analog Heath. I'm happy to make available all of these to the projects I contribute to.